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Luna Park Is Best!

Hi everyone

have you guys ever been to Luna Park? This holidays  if your planning on going to Luna Park I will tell you what to do at Luna Park. Before you do anything you have to get a sour lolly, they are really big and super sour, it is half red and half blue. Next thing you have to do is to go on the twin dragons, it is like a big, big pirate ship what sways side to side (no seat belts) next we have to go on The spider, it is a ride what has spider legs and on the end are a place where you sit and then you go around and around the spider. now we have to go on the enterprise this ride is so scary, it is like a big wheel what spins.(no seat belt)

ok now we have to go on the Coney Island Drop up and we go, this ride makes for tummy jelly. you go up and down. if your feeling sick now you may as well go home, we have not finished yet! i save the best ones for last>_<! now we have to go one the Power Surge, if you like spinning around up and down this ride you have to go on. Wow what a day but we have 2 more rides to go on I think you know what they are. now we have to go on the pharaohs curse  this ride is like chop sticks going up side down around! the last ride we all know it is called the great  since railway it is a old amazing roller coaster it is so amazing! now if you just want to relax go on the sky dive, it is a fares wheel. you  can see all of Luna Park and more! There  are more rides but i did not want to say all of the rides. bye!the senic rilway twin dragon chop sticks enterprise iland drop power surge sky dive spider