The Lorax

Hi today I am going to talk about the lorax

I like the Lorax the book is better than the movie because I like the deceptive words in this book, I prefer than story line  in the book more than the movie, I like the silly words in the book, I like how the book rhymes, I like the charters, Pictures tell one thousand words, Its more interactive and I like how it describes the characters and objects in the book and I like the book I also like the book better than the movie because it’s the original. byeeee


Hi everyone!

today we went on a website called illuminations and there we had to make a 3D object then we had to make it in real life. After we fished that we give the shape to someone in the class room so they could remake it on the website. it was hard to make because it kept falling apart. this is a picture of my shape, it was a house without a a roof on without a roof on it

character traits for Sovereign Hill

Name: Charli-Jayne

Date of birth: 11/14/1843

Age: 11

Mothers name: Julie-Ann

Mothers occupation: Sewing clothes and cooking

Fathers name: Richard

Fathers occupation: gold panning

Hobbies: skipping, singing, sewing and stitching

Siblings: Michael, Paul, Dean, Jemma, Madeleine and Emily

Place of birth: York

Personality: nice, kind and optimistic

Hair colour: brown

Eye colour: brown

Zodiac: Scorpio

Height: 155.5 cm

Weight: 40 kg

Solar Boats!!!

Hi everyone today i am going to be talking about our solar boat challenge!!

In my group there was 4 people including me, there names are Isabella, Me, Talon and Andrejs. I think that we could do better if we did it again but I think we worked ok. Me and Isabella work on the poster most and Talon and Andrej work on the boat most of the time. Are boats name was The Russian Boat, it was actually Solar Boat but in russian. Are boat made it to the final and was one of the best boat names. I think this activity was fun and i think they should do it next year but there are some things they could improve on like something else to do when the other boats are racing.

solar boat test hull

hi everyone!

Today we had to make a solar boat test hull, but before made the test hull we had to draw it a exact drawing of the test hull with the measurements .

Then we had to test them but when I put my one in the water it broke, so I have no photos or no or the scores of my test hull.

We had to test the test hull about alignment, balance, speed, flotation, symmetry and creative design.


Green House Effect

Hi everyone!

Today i am going to talk the green house effect. The green house effect is when people uses to much electricity then it gets hotter then the hot air gets trapped in the earth and the water rises and floods the earth but if you turning off the things you are not using a electrical appliance turn it off and then the humanity we be able to live longer, and the world won’t flude.


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