Our Amazing Cyber Race

Hi everyone! So we have a task it is amazing race but it is cyber we have to do challenges and we have to have a artefacts page were we have to put all these photos in it. we have 4 legs of the race, if we win the challenge we get something to help us for the next leg. At the start we have $100,000 for the group, we have a group of 4. we have done three legs so far the first one was Sydney then we had to go to London and the one  what we just finished was Paris.

If you did know we are having a Cyber Race. we have 4 different  legs of the race, our group have done the first leg, that was the Sydney leg. in our race we have to get some artifacts, and hear is the link but hear is. the link is.. (click the blue link ^_^)

HI! second leg we have finished but i do not know where the artifacts page is but there is a power point. London Eye(click the blue link)

SUP! we just finished the 3 leg of the race and we have a word doc to show you guys stuff so hear it is!Artifacts page Pairs leg 3

hi everyone today we have just stared the next leg, guess what it is??? we are going to Italy, we had some time. i will keep telling you what we are going to do.





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