Digital Footprint

hi everyone

this will be my digital portfoilo, this will be were i recored my work. so i can share all the fun things i have learnt. this website is also for confrents and last year we had to use big scrap books. i prefer this then having this scrap book i mean well it is hared to find things in a scrap book. so you tell me what you like better in the coments.

23 Of June

my definitinon  of a digital footprint. i think that it is like a foot print in the sand some one can follow you or something it is like the same as internet, it is when you put somthing on the internet like name, brithday, what school you go to and email and password they can track down were you live or phone number. and you can’t put it off the inter net  or you might tell where you live. it all goes the same i will tell you how to make your digital footprint not so easy to see first off don’t give away your password or email, you might have a nickname, look out for the internet that you are connect to, school you go to.

thats all for now bye

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