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solar boat test hull

hi everyone!

Today we had to make a solar boat test hull, but before made the test hull we had to draw it a exact drawing of the test hull with the measurements .

Then we had to test them but when I put my one in the water it broke, so I have no photos or no or the scores of my test hull.

We had to test the test hull about alignment, balance, speed, flotation, symmetry and creative design.


Green House Effect

Hi everyone!

Today i am going to talk the green house effect. The green house effect is when people uses to much electricity then it gets hotter then the hot air gets trapped in the earth and the water rises and floods the earth but if you turning off the things you are not using a electrical appliance turn it off and then the humanity we be able to live longer, and the world won’t flude.


After Amazing race?!

Hi everyone!

today is talking about the cyber amazing race kinda. After the amazing race ended we had to make are own sheet with a partner, my partner and me chose japan, we had lost of side tasks as well as the tasks you had to have.

The task you had have where something to do with shopping, culture and trill seeking. We had to also have to find out where in japan you would have to stay and hotel. I and my partner Like this task because it was fun and we both like japan and I have all ready said why I like it. I hoped you liked it!




if you did not know what Riptide is it is a song, it is made by Vance Joy. Today i brother taught me how to play Riptide on the ukulele, I had to use a pic but guess what?! I don’t have to use a pic anymore, it is painful! It is so fun to play my ukulele! ^_^


The first challenge!

Hi everyone!

this is about the shutdent blogging challenge, if you did not know what that was you should go to it(people from all around the world have to do posts on there blog each week abou the task)

This challenge is a craiative one, you have to make something on your computer using all different websites. I knew what website I was going to so it was easy for me! This is what I made I hope you liked it ^_^!


Amazing Ukulele!

imageHi everyone!

sorry that there is no new things, but I have been doing nothing -_-. But on Monday i remberd my ukulele and so I started playing the ukulele again! So I made a song kinda, it has no lyrics and I am going to keep it like that I think. If you are in my grad or my friend you might hear it. I am writing the cords and notes right now.

Bye everyone hope you had fun!