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My Goals For This Term

hi everyone today i am going to talk about my goals for this term and how i will accomplish them.

Reading goal: read back over the text so I completely understand the text.

  • when i am confused i will read back
  • to prove i understand what i read i will wright a re-cap in my diary
  • i will wright how much pages i have read in my diary

writing goal: i will work on my spelling and punctuation

  • i will go over my writing fixing spelling mistakes
  • i will read over my text and if i don’t know how to spell it i will underline it
  • i will test my spelling each week

maths goal: to learn all my times tables

  • try to learn one or two times table a week
  • testing myself at home
  • remember to practice my times table

self goal: be organised

  • to have everything i need on my table when i need
  • not having to rely on anybody
  • remember to have the supplies i need

character traits for Sovereign Hill

Name: Charli-Jayne

Date of birth: 11/14/1843

Age: 11

Mothers name: Julie-Ann

Mothers occupation: Sewing clothes and cooking

Fathers name: Richard

Fathers occupation: gold panning

Hobbies: skipping, singing, sewing and stitching

Siblings: Michael, Paul, Dean, Jemma, Madeleine and Emily

Place of birth: York

Personality: nice, kind and optimistic

Hair colour: brown

Eye colour: brown

Zodiac: Scorpio

Height: 155.5 cm

Weight: 40 kg

Back to school!

Hi everyone!

We are back to school and that means it is term 4! I dont want next year to come but is has to >_<. This term we have to have hats, I do not like hats. I don’t know what are class will be doing but I hope it is fun! I am half happy and half not that school is back, the hoildays was so shrot and I did nothing! Well I hope you injoy all the things I will post this time, but for now that’s all i had to say so bye!