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Area, Hypothesis and pentomines

Hi people

Well today I going to talk about pentomines, Hypothesis and area .

This year I have learnt lots about pentomines like some rules like corners can’t touch, and it has to be made up of 5 squares. This is my Hypothesis for area:  for area I think that they will be some will the same and some will not. I was right but when I was working I remember that they will all be the same because they are made up of 5 squares so they would all be the same, so with that all the area for the pentomines are all the same. My next Hypothesis is with the perimeter and that is: I don’t think the perimeter will be the same for everyone. And I was right they were all the same expect for the p shape pentomines. So this is the end for this post but tell me what you like or dislike about pentomines?


Sentences Charli.