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My Goals For This Term

hi everyone today i am going to talk about my goals for this term and how i will accomplish them.

Reading goal: read back over the text so I completely understand the text.

  • when i am confused i will read back
  • to prove i understand what i read i will wright a re-cap in my diary
  • i will wright how much pages i have read in my diary

writing goal: i will work on my spelling and punctuation

  • i will go over my writing fixing spelling mistakes
  • i will read over my text and if i don’t know how to spell it i will underline it
  • i will test my spelling each week

maths goal: to learn all my times tables

  • try to learn one or two times table a week
  • testing myself at home
  • remember to practice my times table

self goal: be organised

  • to have everything i need on my table when i need
  • not having to rely on anybody
  • remember to have the supplies i need

Top Ten Tallest Buildings!

Hi everyone

Today i am doing a maths investigation thing, if you  did not know I going to talk about top ten tallest buildings in the world. But before we start anything think to your self what the top ten tallest building in the world are, you can leave it in the comments if you want.

My guess was that it would be evenly spread around the world. Guess what?! I was wrong ! it was mostly in Japan,China,Hong Kong and India kinda places.

The real answer is…..

1: Burj Khalifa  2: Tapei 101 3: Shanghia World Financial Center 4: International Commerce Center 5: Petronas Towers 6: Nanjing Greenland Financial Center 7: Willes Tower 8: Guanghzou West Tower 9: Trump International Hotel And Tower 10: Jin Mao Tower.

Wow that was so hard to wright all of that down, I did not copy and past all of that. Well I hope you I joyed all of that I know that I didn’t because I was the one who wrought this down.