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Hi I am Charli,  

I was born 11 years ago. I love to Cosplay. I have a group of people that I Cosplay with. We make lots of videos and do challenges. I have just started Cos-playing again after a bit of a break. I am a Scorpio.

My favourite sport is volleyball I think this sport is just so fun to play.

I love hanging out with friends at lunch time and on the weekend. When we hang out we talk heaps! We also play games like truth or dare and sometimes we Cosplay together.

I also like gaming. My favourite game is Terraria, it’s sort of like Minecraft, but with more monsters. It’s also more 2D.

My favourite books are manga and my favourite movie things usually about anime and horror.

 I am the youngest of 4 I have 3 older brothers. Of course I am the only girl.

I have lots pets. 1 dog named Flash, 2 cats Crystal and Casper and lots of fish!

My favourite kind of music is Linkin Park and Owl Eyes.

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