paper maths

Paper maths:

Frist we made a 3d star but that didn’t work because one half of the star didn’t fit. But I did make one half of it, it was fun to make but it was a bit easy

Next activity we did was paper bridges we had to see what shape worked the best and we had to make a design.  it didn’t work out for our group that well because we weren’t focussing that much but it was fun. If I do it again I would focus and try to make a better bridge because are bridge was not the best and I think that we should have got more paper to make it.

Then we had to make 5 different designs for our paper planes to see which one worked best. This activity was a bit messes and it could have been more organised more but it was fun to do but I wasn’t good at it because I can’t really paper planes.

and these are my scores.

paper maths pic

our state project

hi everyone! today i am going to talk about our state project. my tables state was queensland. I painted  the map with hailee and i worked on the poster. I enjoyed it because it was fun to work on it and it was fun making a state. everything in our group helped get information and helped on theon the poster and the map. if i could change one thing i think it would be not to have the stuff about the governor and premier. for the rubric I would change it to have 5 not 3 categories.