The Lorax

Hi today I am going to talk about the lorax

I like the Lorax the book is better than the movie because I like the deceptive words in this book, I prefer than story line  in the book more than the movie, I like the silly words in the book, I like how the book rhymes, I like the charters, Pictures tell one thousand words, Its more interactive and I like how it describes the characters and objects in the book and I like the book I also like the book better than the movie because it’s the original. byeeee

3 thoughts on “The Lorax”

  1. Hey Charli!

    The movie is better than the book because of its brighter colours and fun music!
    nobody wants to read a boring old book, they want to watch a fun movie that makes the characters characteristics stand out.
    don’t get me wrong the book is great! but it doesn’t have as much fun colours as the movie, the movie also has loads of humour which the book doesn’t have.


  2. I don’t agree with you Charli because I think the movie is better with brighter colours and better sounds than the book

  3. Charli,
    Glad to see your a sensible child who enjoys the refined things in life such as spending the day with a good book.
    Mr B

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