Making a Icosahedron

hi everyone today i had to make a icosahedron it was really hard first we had to colour in then we had to cut it out, but then we had to stick it together and let me tell you that is the hardest step. it fell apart when i glued it, and i finished to i will show you a picture of how mine turned out, SAM_2565

My Goals For This Term

hi everyone today i am going to talk about my goals for this term and how i will accomplish them.

Reading goal: read back over the text so I completely understand the text.

  • when i am confused i will read back
  • to prove i understand what i read i will wright a re-cap in my diary
  • i will wright how much pages i have read in my diary

writing goal: i will work on my spelling and punctuation

  • i will go over my writing fixing spelling mistakes
  • i will read over my text and if i don’t know how to spell it i will underline it
  • i will test my spelling each week

maths goal: to learn all my times tables

  • try to learn one or two times table a week
  • testing myself at home
  • remember to practice my times table

self goal: be organised

  • to have everything i need on my table when i need
  • not having to rely on anybody
  • remember to have the supplies i need

alice and wonderland book vs flim

hi everyone!

today i am comparing alice and wonderland book vs film to be honest my favourite is the book because the book was first and its the original and it is the true story because the movie is completely different and the movie has filler compared to the book.  i saw the movie and i read the book and they where nothing alike.



Paper Planes

Hi today i am talking about paper planes and about what I think its about here is the link paper planes i also saw the trailer and here is what i think about it, i think it’s about a boy  who grows up in a single parent family because you never see his mum in the trailer. and if he can make a plane fly 25 meters he can make it into the competition, i think that the movie is set in Australia because the championships are in syden.

The Lorax

Hi today I am going to talk about the lorax

I like the Lorax the book is better than the movie because I like the deceptive words in this book, I prefer than story line  in the book more than the movie, I like the silly words in the book, I like how the book rhymes, I like the charters, Pictures tell one thousand words, Its more interactive and I like how it describes the characters and objects in the book and I like the book I also like the book better than the movie because it’s the original. byeeee