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Hi every single person out there!

Today is a little bit different if you could not tell. I was looking trow my blog and I saw that there was only one post for it so I was like hay lets do something. So today I am going to talk about sports, my favourite sport is beach volleyball. I like Volleyball because it is so fun, I like to us my hands to hit the ball and I like to dig and spike but I need to work on my set and serve (volleyball moves).  What is your favourite sport? Why do you like it? leave it in the comments if you want to. Bye!

2 thoughts on “Sports Sports And More Sports”

  1. Hi Kira,

    Your post was really spectacular. It’s really good how you did a post without being asked to. As far as I could tell you only made ONE spelling error (PRETTY GOOD!).

    From Spiderman

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