Our Amazing Crop Circles Investigation!

Hi everyone!

Today we i am going to talk all about crop circles. First of all what is a crop circle? A crop circle  is a circle with a complex pattern inside of the circle, this was not as easy as it sounds there was lots of maths  in this thing.   that was all the maths we had to do.kira


Then we had to make are own crop circle using circles straight  lines and triangles, but we had to place all of are shapes in a right place and we could not make pretty things. after we did that we had to photo copy the crop circle and then colour the photo copy.

kira1 kira2


then the last step we have done so far. This last step is that we had to make more crop circles but on the computer and i have done three  I will link that document so that means this is the end to our amazing adventure of crop circles! bye ^_^


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