On Thursday the school went to see Grease, it was a play put on by the Gisborne secondary. It was really fun ^_^!! At the end of the play we had 30mins left so we had a Q and A (question and answer) it was funny but I did not need to ask anything because my brother was one of the T birds! When we had to leave we had to sit of the steps, because everyone has at the floor it was so packed.


4 thoughts on “Grease”

  1. Love you tagxedo Charli. How did you feel having a star in the play related to you? What was your favourite part? Did you have a favourite character?

  2. Hi Miss C
    i was kinda happy but embarrassed. i liked that start how the curtains opened up and there was all the people behind it. i can not decide how my favourite character was, they were awesome! but what was you favourite part in it? and how was your favourite character??\

  3. HI Charli

    I liked Greace, I could not choose a favorite part in it but I had chosen a charter it would of been Roger I chose him because he had stirred up every one and was energetic he also had put on a good axent is( he pulled his pants down) I can see why your embarrassed ^ . ^

    From Maddie

    1. Hi Maddie
      I was embarrassed but it was good movie and I really liked so I went to saw it twice (not like I had a choose)
      From Kira

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