Court Jester

Hi every one
On the last day of term we had to watch a movie every one was happy.. Until we found out it is a old movie made some where in the 1900s. It was a funny movie but the movie effects were not that good.

The movie was about two men who had to fight and one of them had to fight to get in the Royal kingdom all for a baby who was a different to the rest. there where some twists in it.

When I was watching the movie I was trying to get to know all of the people and there personalty.. I think the best charter for me was court jester because he was funny and brave he was also one of the main charters.

The best line in the movie for it was Get it, Got it, Good! I think that is because he said in a funny bit of the movie XD!! I think it was a good movie and I liked!


5 thoughts on “Court Jester”

  1. Hi charli
    I wasn’t at school on Friday so this post was really interesting for me. Is this was it’s about?: Two men were having a fight and one of them was fighting to get into the royal kingdom. He wanted to get into the kingdom to get a baby that was different to all the rest.

    To what you said it sounds like Court jester is funny and brave. I like that line get it, got it, good too! What was your favourite part in the movie and could you maybe tell me a bit more about the movie?

    1. Hi Emily
      Thank you for the sweet comment, you got the story right. I was hard to say the stor it was so hard for me. So thank I think that I would like to watch it again 🙂
      From charli

  2. Hello, I’ve been reading and seems interesting with your favorite like Get it, got, good but have you forgot about the pictures? or have you not finished. If it’s not then I would like to see it finished and that would be awesome.
    From Flubafae
    (not trying to be Mean or anything)

    1. Hi Zach
      I can not add the photos because I was using my Ipad notes but I who’s i could of but I could not and thank you.
      From charli

  3. Hi tori
    Thank you for the nice comment. I was not sure how I should of ex plane the stori so it was hard for me. I also liked the end when they where having a sowrd fight.

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