Jeremy’s adventure!!!!

Hi amazing people!!!

On Tuesday I came to school not looking at the board. It said guest speaker around about 11:00 AM, I did not notice it. But when it came everyone was going to the other room because it was on, when I looked on the board I did not know what it meant, but I could act like I did. It was someone how came in, his name was Jeremy. He rode his bike all around the world, but not everywhere but almost!! We looked at his blog the day before and hear is his blog (click on the blue or purple word ^_^) He had an awesome time but I am not going to spoil it for you ;). Some people got to ask him a question, I got to ask him a question ^_^! It was about Japan, if you did not know I LOVE JAPAN AND NORWAY!! He got to see lots of wonderful people and see amazing sites! I would love to go on an adventure someday, if I do or I go on a holiday I will tell you guys all about it. That’s all I have to say for now, but remember to look at the link and bye-bye =^-^=               

Court Jester

Hi every one
On the last day of term we had to watch a movie every one was happy.. Until we found out it is a old movie made some where in the 1900s. It was a funny movie but the movie effects were not that good.

The movie was about two men who had to fight and one of them had to fight to get in the Royal kingdom all for a baby who was a different to the rest. there where some twists in it.

When I was watching the movie I was trying to get to know all of the people and there personalty.. I think the best charter for me was court jester because he was funny and brave he was also one of the main charters.

The best line in the movie for it was Get it, Got it, Good! I think that is because he said in a funny bit of the movie XD!! I think it was a good movie and I liked!