boy overboard book review

hi people, I am doing this book review because I read it in term 1 and it was awesome.

This is my Review. 

boy overbored book

I think that boy over bored was awesome I just keep reading on.

Boy over bored is about a family who is determined to go to Australia

Jamal and Bibi  have to leave there home friends they encounter assassins pirates. Trying to get to Australia. Going throw lots of hared times trying to get away from the Taliban. At the end they will arrive at Australia or are they…

In boy over bored my favourite is when they arrive at Australia and get reunited <3 it was a happy bit in the book. So when they arrive at Australia is my best bit in the book

4 thoughts on “boy overboard book review”

  1. Hey Charli, I like this post because it’s neat and my one didn’t go to well. How do you get it so neat! I mite need to edit my post again 🙁
    From Zachary
    Great Work!

    1. hi zach
      thank you for the nice comment I just had to organised it i think that your one will be neat too 🙂 who do you like the most??
      from charli

  2. Hi Charli’
    I really like boy overboard. I really like how you have done a sum up of the book without telling the ending. What feelings did you have though out the book?
    From Tori

  3. hi Tori
    thanks for the good comment. I love this book it was well said. but if i could do it again I would have it more neat but what was your feelings for the book???
    from charli

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