Oaks Day

oaks dayHi everyone

Yesterday was oaks day and  the year 6’s dress up in there best clothes. We then had to pair up and write about what we were wearing. Then we all got to walk down the cat while our partner read out the writing about are clothes. I was just wearing my school clothes though. then the boys had to vote on 2 girls and the girls had to vote one 2 boys to make it to the final. When we did the finals we did not just do it in front of the grade 6’s but we also had to do it in front of the grade 2’s. There was a boys winner and a girls winner and the boys winner was Angus and the girl winner was Liv.


hi everyone!

today i’m going to talk about my reaction time, the year 6s had to catch a ruler to find out your reaction time. what we had to do is get a group of 4 or 3 and one of us will catch it and see our reaction, my reaction was not so good though. then we would look at where are hand ended at the cm and here are my groups things.catching


me in a minute

hi everyone.

today i’m going to talk about me in a minute, we have been working on me in a minute. i need to practice a few things, like sit ups, push ups, skipps, basketball hoops from 3 line, tennis ball in a target and bounces on a racket. for sit ups and push ups i will time myself everyday and have a set target in that time. for skips i’m going to practice skipping after school and try to skip for as long as I can. for the basket ball goal I will practice at school trying to throw from the tree point line. for tennis ball in the target i will draw a target on the wall and try to hit it after school so i can improve. for bouncing the ball on the racket i will get bounce the ball on the racket and try to get a set amount of hits in a row.


Katherine Applegate

hi everyone. This term the book we are reading is called the one and on Ivan, the author for this book is Katherine Applegate.

Katherine Applegate has written over 50 books like the one and only Ivan and Crenshaw. In the book one and only Ivan she wrote it based on a real story, because she was at a shopping mall Tacoma, WA where she saw a big gorilla in a small cage and she didn’t like it one bit so she wrote a story about the gorilla, called the one and only Ivan. This book was very successful that she won an award for it.

Katherine Applegate has gotten many awards over the years like, Golden Kite Award, society of children’s books writers and illustrations 2007, home of the brave.

byeone and only

paper maths

Paper maths:

Frist we made a 3d star but that didn’t work because one half of the star didn’t fit. But I did make one half of it, it was fun to make but it was a bit easy

Next activity we did was paper bridges we had to see what shape worked the best and we had to make a design.  it didn’t work out for our group that well because we weren’t focussing that much but it was fun. If I do it again I would focus and try to make a better bridge because are bridge was not the best and I think that we should have got more paper to make it.

Then we had to make 5 different designs for our paper planes to see which one worked best. This activity was a bit messes and it could have been more organised more but it was fun to do but I wasn’t good at it because I can’t really paper planes.

and these are my scores.

paper maths pic

our state project

hi everyone! today i am going to talk about our state project. my tables state was queensland. I painted  the map with hailee and i worked on the poster. I enjoyed it because it was fun to work on it and it was fun making a state. everything in our group helped get information and helped on theon the poster and the map. if i could change one thing i think it would be not to have the stuff about the governor and premier. for the rubric I would change it to have 5 not 3 categories.

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